From our results, we can conclude that Kiwi has the most amount of vitamin C although we thought that either the lemon or orange would have the most. The order of fruits with the most vitamin C to the least is : Kiwi, Orange, Lime, Lemon, Honeydew and apple.  We manage to find this out by using iodine titration to see how many drops is needed for it to turn blue-black and the number of drops is actually the amount of vitamin C. The starch that was added in is to allow us to be able to see the change in the solution to see whether the vitamin C has been fully oxidised. The more the number of drop, the more the amount of Vitamin C as more iodine will be needed to fully oxidise the Vitamin C. Once the vitamin C is fully oxidised, the iodine will then react with the starch left turning it blue black. Thus the kiwi needing the most number of drops of iodine to turn the solution blue black proves that it has the most Vitamin C, followed by the Orange, Lime, Lemon, Honeydew and finally the apple. Thus, our hypothesis of citrus fruits having the most amount of Vitamin C was wrong.

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