The reason we decided to do this topic is because Vitamin C is important to our health but whenever we eat fruits, we always hear that the orange has the most amount of Vitamin C therefore it is best to eat that. However, we wondered whether it was really the orange that has the most amount of Vitamin C, therefore we decided to conduct this test to find out. We hope that through this project we can help get people aware of the benefits of Vitamin C and ensure they know what fruits contain a large amount of Vitamin C to help with their cold, flu or injuries.

We faced many difficulties along the way as initially when we were testing the Vitamin C to act as a control, we did not get any results even after numerous drops of iodine. However after many more tests and consulting the lab assistant, we managed to get our
project to work.

Throughout this whole experiment, patience was something small that we acquired since it  takes about 20-60 drops per juice, therefore it takes quite some time to test a fruit. Through our daily logs, we were able to see the speed at which we were progressing and it also allows us to record down whatever we accomplished every day. We also learnt various important lessons. The quote “failure is the mother of success” is very true as we experienced it first-hand. Through our failures, we were able to think more into our project, to come up with ways to make our project work.

After ending our experiment, through our group discussion we thought about some areas of improvement like to broaden our research we could have done this test on vegetables as they have been known to contain high quantities of Vitamin C as well and people eat vegetables in a daily basis as they can be found in all kinds of food. We also could have improved our planning for equipments and procedures before going straight into the experiment as we were stuck for a week not knowing what to do. Through these we think we could have improved our experiment and made the process much smoother.

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