Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Project Recommendation: Investigation of the amount of Vitamin C in different fruits

Investigation of the amount of Vitamin C in different fruits

The idea of this project is to find out the amount of vitamin C a fruit contains and compare amongst the fruits. 

What is the use of Vitamin C?
Our body needs vitamin C to repair damaged tissues in all parts of the body.

When should we consume fruits enriched with vitamin C?
We should consume electrolytes as our body does not have the ability to restore the lost electrolyte as rapidly as they were lost.

Why should we consume Vitamin C?
When we exercise, we lose electrolytes and thus need to replace them with fresh brand new natural organic ones. This prevents dehydration and can save our lives. If our consumption of necessary electrolytes is wrong, there can be health consequences. 

Where can Vitamin C be found?
They can be found in many of nature's products, for example fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also man made alternatives such as some carbonated, isotonic and sports drinks. 

How do we replenish the amount of Vitamin C in our bodies?
When we consume food or drink that contain electrolyte, our body breaks it down similar to salt and sugar, and is inducted into our bloodstream through the digestive system. 

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