Thursday, 3 July 2014

Going green as we clean: Are 'Green' Detergents Less Toxic Than Conventional Detergents?

Going Green As We Clean

What are some of the harmful chemical that can be found in conventional detergent?Most of the detergents contain cancer causing chemicals that is not required to be labelled. Not only it is harmful for the body, it can also contaminate the waterways and do great damage to the environment and the marine lives.

What are the dangers that we face from having harmful chemicals in conventional detergent?

Impact to marine lifeAlkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE) can be found in cleaning products, hair dyes and other haircare products. Most common APE is nonylphenol ethoxylates. When this chemical enters the waters through sewage leading to the sea, it can alter the survival rate, feminisation and hermaphrodism ( having both genitals) for salmon and other fishes.
Impact to humansNonylpheonol ethoxylates can accumulate in blood and body tissues. This can cause breast cancer and generally harmful for humans

How do we know our detergent is not harmful to the environment too?

( focused on preventing harm to marine life)Since acidity can affect the Environment of marine life, we must make sure that it is not too acidic or too alkalie. To make sure that chemical components are not harmful, we can only use organic ingredients to make the detergent

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